Monday, March 28, 2011

008: March Sadness / Orange Crash

It's the season of NCAA, March Madness.  This year, I was doing great up until Ohio State totally screwed me up followed by Florida and Kansas.  I even called out Illinois going through the first round.  I picked U Conn to go to the final four and I am still proud of that.  However, I am extra sad this time.  Every year, I was way off from the beginning and it never bothered me all that much, but when you do pretty well and lose it after a while, you get extra depressed, don't you?  That's how I feel right now.  I was in a pool with 180+ people and I was in 6th place at the beginning of the weekend and now I don't even know where I am...  Who would have ever thought that Butler and VCU would make it to the final four?  Well, enough with the basketball crap, I presume.  Let's talk about the flowers.

So the theme of this week's WFT is "March Sadness" or "Orange Crash".  Obviously, "March Sadness" is my feeling right now knowing that I am so out of the pool.  And "Orange Crash" is a parody of my dear team, U of I's "Orange Crush".  The Orange is Crashed out of the brackets.

So I didn't go to a florist this time.  Instead, I went to a grocery store and bought a stem of green Hydrangea and a bunch of white Snapdragons (Antirrhinum) and some oranges.  I kept the whole color scheme white and serene to emphasize a empathetical appearance and add bold orange items; mandarin and kumquats, for the "crash".  It actually looks pretty nice.  It's a nice volumetric technique to use fruits and veggies when you have a tight budget.  It's ironic how sometimes sadness can make such a beautiful creation.  After the therapy, I feel a bit better:)

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