Tuesday, March 15, 2011

006: Happy St. Pat's Day!

St. Patrick's day is almost here!  This week's WFT is all about green.

My husband's father's family has an Irish heritage and we celebrated an early St. Pat's day on Sunday -  of course with corned beef and cabbage!  I thought it would be nice to bring some gifts for my loyal WFT readers (my in-laws) to thank and celebrate their holiday.  I needed to make two arrangements, so I went a bit over budget this time with extra stuff like boxes.  But I managed to do two under $15.

I got two stems of light green Rose and one stem of green Mum for the main flowers.  Because I had a tight budget, I needed to get something that fills up the boxes, so I got a green Dianthus.  It is a type of Carnation and the one I got is all green, which makes it look similar to moss.  I also got Lily Grass for an accent. 
First, I placed floral foam wrapped with tin foil in the boxes and started placing the Dianthus.  I got two stems of those assuming not being able to separate the leaves into smaller pieces, but I could.  So, I spread them in the parameter of the boxes.  Then moved onto the main flowers: roses and mums.  I added those in pretty much the center of the arrangements.  Then at the end, I sculpted Lily Grass crossing over them to make an illusion of a "dome" or "basket".  My inspiration was flowers in lawn.  I made them exactly how they wanted to look like, but the Lilly Grass accent totally made them look more sophisticated.  I hope the recipients enjoy them as much as I enjoyed arranging them:) 

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