Monday, March 21, 2011

007: Spring Wedding

This weeks WFT is dedicated to my little brother and his wife.  They got married this weekend in Japan.  Since I couldn't be there for them to celebrate together, I decided to use this perfect opportunity to arrange the flowers for them. 

Of course I got the most popular flower for wedding, roses.  I got perfect spray roses that are royal pink.  It was $3 a stem and had four blossoms on it.  Since I went a bit over budget last week, I tried my hardest to be under this week.  The challenge was that a wedding arrangement had to have a large volume to accentuate joy and happiness.  So I got a stem of Mountain Heather and some white flowers that cascade down like Willow (I don't know the name of it, sorry).  The total this week was only $8!!  I also had some leftover Lilly Grass from last week that I could incorporate in.  I used a simple cereal bowl for a vase for the arrangement.  I started with the backdrop, which was the heather flowers, then made a trail with the willow-like flowers and Lilly Grass off to one side.  The main items, roses, were placed at the center where the two supplemental volumes met.  I originally had four roses placed but my husband reminded me that four is not a good number in Japanese culture since it sounds like "death" ("shi" in Japanese) especially for a celebratory occasions like a wedding.  So, I took one out and made another small arrangement with it for our bathroom:) 

We were supposed to attend the wedding that was held in Yamaguchi, Japan (south west of Tokyo).  Unfortunately, we decided not to travel there because of the disaster that happened about 10 days ago, especially with our young son.  It really hurt all of the family's feelings but they totally understood our concerns and supported our decision.  But it turned out to be the most memorable wedding I've ever attended except for my own.  We got a live feed of the wedding via Skype and felt like we were there.  There was one problem though - that it started at 12:30 AM CST and lasted until 2:30 AM when we hung up because we started passing out in front of the camera.  Anyhow, it was really fun.  Modern technology rules!!!

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