Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WFT Extra 002: Fleur de Lis

A brand new florist in River North!

It's called "Fleur de Lis" (  It literally means "flower of lilly" in French.  It's also the name of a graphic symbol that is used in many European coats of arms that are associated with the House of Bourbon.  It's located at 715 N. Franklin Street along the Brown line where used to be a small art gallery.  The gallery closed last year (if my memory is correct) and I was wondering what it would be.  I never thought that someone would take the space so quickly.  Ever since the economy crashed in 2008, a lot of the stores and restaurants in this area closed down and haven't been occupied by new tenants since, including Pearl, a huge art supply store that I used to go to every so often.  This is very good for the neighborhood to be revitalized. 

It's in a small brick building.  There's a french door leading into the store with black and white striped awning above.  The interior is in calm gray tone with black and white accessories.  I was astonished when I found out that they had vases by Fringe Studio ( that my mother collects and she asked me again recently to buy more.  The flower case and working table is in the back room overlooked by the second floor balcony, which is a bridal salon (!) and a skylight and a chandelier.  On the center of the working table, there was a very modern minimal Calla lily arrangement in a big vase.  I later realized that they had a Calla lily motif in their logo.  They wrapped the flowers with black and white stripe wrapping paper with black ribbon.  It is very chic.

There were thee women working there when I went in.  They were all very nice chatty people.  Overall, my experience at this store was EXCELLENT.  I love the cohesiveness of the whole package from the interior of the store to their logo.  I would 100% recommend you to check out the store if you would like beautiful flowers or to give someone a gift. 

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