Tuesday, February 15, 2011

002: Cute As A Button

For the second week of Weekly Flower Therapy, I decided to do something very small.  Or I should say, it ended up being that way...

This week I was really hoping that I had time to go to a craft shop to get some floral foam.  However, again with the tight schedule with my son, work and the "hallmark holiday" that is Valentine's, etc., I just went to a local grocery store yesterday and picked up 5 stems of Gerbera Daisies.  I also wanted to purchase some greens to go along with it, but since I was at the place known as "Whole Paycheck", that would have gone way over my budget of $10.  So, I stuck with just the Gerberas.  I was looking for alternatives for the greens at their produce section, but I didn't have any luck finding anything I wanted to use.  By the way, it was interesting to see all those gentlemen occupying the whole store yesterday buying a bouquet and grocery for valentine's dinner (I assumed).  I wondered if they took the entire afternoon off...

When I came home, I was quite busy cooking a romantic dinner for my lovely husband who works so hard for us every day.  Because I didn't have time to arrange the flowers as I wanted, they were just thrown into one of my favorite vases.  The vase itself is very unique, and I was actually lucky enough to help design it at one of my previous jobs.  For a second this morning, I thought it might be ok to post this arrangement as is, but my gut said "no".  I had a fear of this "therapy" becoming just buying grocery store flowers and putting them in a weirdly shaped vase.  So I looked around our living room and found these shot glasses and hand towel holders made of lacquered bamboo.  And I made a small arrangement with one of the Gerberas.

Ok, so it could be "throwing some grocery store flower in a weird vases", but at lease I tried.  I think it's cute as a button.  So I made two of them, put them on a wall self by the front door either side of a key tray.   Do you think I found an easy way out???

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