Monday, April 25, 2011

012: Easter Eggs

Happy Easter!!!  This week's WFT is something that I haven't done yet; Making my own vase.  It's not that I made a pottery or glassware.  I just used some usual object to make a temporary vase for the arrangement.  Because it was Easter weekend, I made some brownies and reused egg shells for the vase.  It was fairly easy to make.  You just need to know what to cook with the inside because you don't want to throw all of the edible stuff away. 

Here's how you make it.  Prepare half a dozen raw eggs.  Hammer the top gently with a spoon to crack just enough to take egg white and yolk out of the shell.  Wash and dry them thoroughly.  Put them together with a hot glue gun however you like, but the tip is to have three points hitting on the table so that it will balance by itself.  Now you can poor water into each egg and put some flowers in them. 
Since this "vase" is pretty small, I didn't need too many flowers.  I found a flower called Scabiosa (aka Pincushion Flower) at the florist.  It's a light purple flower with a lot of petals that are placed radially.  It is native in Europe and Asia.  I purchased two stems of it and a stem of green Hypericum berries.  Even though the vase is very small, I needed a few more materials, so I decided to add some leftover Ivy from last week and some Pansies from my "garden" that are blooming right now.  Having some flowers or greens in your yard is very handy when you make a small arrangement like this.  Since the main flower this time looks very wild, the supporting flowers don't need to be very "commercial" like store bought flowers.  So I put Scabiosas in the middle to make a highest point and Pansies on both sides that were lower than the center.  Then I added greens pretty much in each egg to create smooth transition between these two types of flowers.   I made this arrangement on a long ceramic saucer with some Spanish moss under the eggs to give them extra sturdiness. 

I started to like this type of "wild" garden type arrangement.  It's very challenging to make it look real and effortless but I now respect the natural forms that living objects take on much more than I did before.

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